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We Can’t Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration

Aviva Stahl @ Broadly; excerpt below: In prison, strip and cavity searches are a routine, mandated part of everyday life, and prisoners can have no expectation of privacy when they’re showering or changing. You can be placed in contexts where you are completely at the...

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Free Tammy Garvin!

Survived and Punished calls for the freedom of all incarcerated survivors. California has increased the number of commutations for Life Without Parole sentencing, meaning fewer people are sentenced to die in prison because they have a chance at parole.  One strategy...

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Bresha Meadows Returns Home After Collective Organizing Efforts

Welcome home, Bresha.In this post, #FreeBresha organizers Colby Lenz and Mariame Kaba review how #FreeBresha successfully advocated for Bresha Meadows, an Ohio teen who was jailed after killing her father in self-defense. (Originally published at Teen Vogue) Bresha...

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탈출하고자 했던 박해를 이민자 수용소에서 거듭 겪은 한국인 가정 폭력 생존자의 발언 | “Being Detained Feels Like the Abuse I Tried to Escape”: A Korean Survivor Speaks Out From Immigration Detention

art by Francis Mead from the "Visions from the Inside" project ​김이화씨는 길고 긴 8개월 동안 박해와 학대를 이민자 수용소 안에서 겪은 후 2017년 12월 28일 오전에 한국으로 강제로 출국당한다. After 8 long months of abuse and harassment in immigration detention, Yihwa Kim is being forced to return back to South Korea...

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Bresha Meadows: Survived and Punished Video

  Bresha Meadows was 14 years old in July 2016 when she allegedly used the gun that her father had brandished for years against her and her family (terrorizing and abusing them) to shoot him in his sleep. Bresha long learned to fear her father who had repeatedly made...

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Ny Nourn Released From ICE Detention!

Ny Nourn Released from ICE Detention! Domestic violence survivor, Ny Nourn, has finally been released from ICE detention!  More info about the organizing to free her can be found in this article, and Ny released the letter below via Advancing Justice - Asian Law...

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2017 Solidarity Actions

  THESE SURVIVORS URGENTLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and we remain committed to ending domestic violence, dismantling the prison industry, and supporting the freedom of survivors who have been criminalized. This DVAM we are...

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Help Free DV Survivor, Kelly Ann Savage!

Kelly Ann Savage is an incarcerated survivor of severe domestic and sexual violence by her former husband. In 1995, Kelly tried to escape with her children after receiving safety plan directives from a domestic violence crisis line. When Kelly's abusive husband, Mark,...

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